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What is Field Control Therapy?

According to oriental medical philosophy, the body has a network of energy pathways called "meridians." The proper flow of bio-energy through them is believed to be an essential part of health and well-being.

Indeed, biomedical research conducted worldwide in the fields of biophysics and related sciences has established that energy-related processes play an important role in the maintenance of normal physiology of cells in the living. It is a well-known fact that a number of conventional diagnostic tests - ECG (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (elecctromyogram), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and others - are based on the property of living cells being endowed with energetic components. Disruption of these energetic systems may set the stage for and is expected to be present in a state of disease or even pre- disease. These disruptions and the agents that cause them may, also, hinder recovery from an already existing illness. These agents can be represented by environmental stress, substance abuse, bad diet and others.

One of the major and well-known limitations of conventional diagnostic tests described in the professional literature is their inability to obtain an appropriate tissue sample from the internal organs or deep tissues for proper toxicological or diagnostic assessment in order to ascertain the presence of harmful agents.

However, a number of studies and clinical experience over several decades have suggested that through a diagnostic method called Bio-resonance testing, with applied kinesiology being one of the techniques, it might be possible to address this gap and derive this information. The working principle behind this is based on a well-known phenomenon of physics that all matter in the universe, including the living, and harmful agents, etc., exists in a dual form: one of the matter itself) i.e., solid, liquid or gaseous substance) and one of energy field. This energy field is strictly specific for each substance and may be likened to its ID, or signature.

Applied kinesiology testing in general, and as it is conducted in Field Control Therapy, utilizes this phenomenon of physics among other components that may or may not be fully explicable by modern science at the present time. It is carried out in the following manner: a person, while in the supine position, is exposed to the energy fields of sealed glass vials that contain the energetic imprints of various body organs and tissues, harmful agents, foods and other substances related to medical issues. This exposure occurs when the vials are placed on a metal platform that conducts the energy field of the substance through a cable that connects a small metal hand bar held by a patient at one end to the platform at the other. Once a patient's system senses the energy field of a vial (or display any substance for that matter) that bears some clinical relevance to his/her health, positive or negative, it may display a corresponding involuntary muscle response reaction of a relaxing or tensive nature, which is measured by the practitioner of Field Control Therapy in a non-invasive manner via (minimal) physical touch.

These are equivalent to "no" and "yes" answers that may provide clinically relevant information. They revealed pollutants, infectious agents and others can be addressed by appropriate homeopathic remedies, as many studies have indicated that homeopathy can be efficacious in combating a variety of toxic, infectious or other health-impairing agents or conditions.

The remedies normally prescribed following Field Control Therapy testing are homeopathic in the sense that they are used for their energetic, rather than biochemical constituents. As such, they consist of the electromagnetic "signatures" of relevant substances and potencies which have been imprinted into a water medium. They do not, as a result, directly alter body chemistry, since a laboratory analysis of the remedies would only uncover inorganic water-related components. However, they are energetically potent remedies. They can assist the body to release toxins from tissues as part of the healing process, which can be in some cases also cause temporary and transitory mild symptoms of malaise as the toxins pass out of the body. If this occurs, it does not last long, whereas a corresponding general improvement in the state of health normally follows (at a rate which will depend on the individual). However, to maximizethe healing effect and minimize this "washout" effect, it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water during this phase, as well as to follow the practitioner's lifestyle guidelines strictly on treatment days, which may pertain for example to diet or exposure to electromagnetic fields.

It is the energetic field of remedies which is made use of in Field Control Therapy, in order to interact with the body's cells at the very deepest level, which is at an energetic, not chemical, level - the nucleus of every cell in the human body emits an electromagnetic field which actively controls and directs all chemical activity in the body, including all healing processes, as evidenced in an emerging body of scientific research in the field of biophysics, such as for example that presented in the works of pioneering researchers like physicist profession William A Tiller or orthopedic surgeon Robert O Becker. A ground is being laid for a new era of medicine.

It is a key contention of Field Control Therapy that most remedies used in both conventional and alternative medicine at the current time are inadequate means of therapy. This is quite simply because in the majority of cases the remedies administered are made and chosen according to their biochemical properties and physical character, not according to their energetic fields imprinted and poetized, in a strengthened form, into water. Energy medicine is the future of medicine, in both diagnosis and treatment, according to both the latest scientific research and, in addition, to the centuries of clinical experimentation behind the tenets of Field Control Therapy.

Please note that the type of homeopathy employed in FCT is not the same as traditional ("classical") homeopathy, and nor is it "complex" homeopathy. It is a distinct branch of homeopathy known as "causative" homeopathy. Some nutritional supplements may also be administered, if and when appropriate, and a small recent sample of urine may be requested in advance for use during part of the testing.

No electrical apparatus or equipment is used in Field Control Therapy or placed near or in contact with the patient, nor is any invasive testing procedure conducted which involves anymore contact than placing the metal bar in the patient’s hand and measuring the peripheral involuntary muscle response which follow.

The practitioner may also, where he/she sees fit, arrange or recommend additional tests, conventional or otherwise, if appropriate. However, conventional tests are not necessarily useful for confirming the findings of Field Control Therapy testing, which may typically concern the presence of certain toxic agents in various bodily organs and tissues. This is because such agents often reside deep in the body and elude detection via conventional means, or are not preset at laboratory levels considered high according to the prevailing lab norms.

As a point of interest, it has been noted by world-class toxicologist Louis W. Chang that the levels of many common toxic agents in key organs and tissues are almost impossible to verify with any accuracy except via an autopsy. This is due to the ‘issue’ of what constitutes an accessible tissue for testing, as mentioned above.

In most cases the tissues/fluids which can be accessed for testing, such as blood, urine, hair, saliva or stool, are not reliable indicators of chronic residues of toxic agents which have built up in internal organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys or liver. Nevertheless, many healthcare practitioners, both conventional and alternative, are not aware of the implication of this fact, and the consequently severe limitations of most existing forms of testing, which as a rule may or may not provide useful clinical information but which cannot usually be depended upon as comprehensive or genuinely meaningful evaluations in the case of any chronic symptom or condition.

Field Control Therapy testing attempts to provide a solution to this problem by interrogating the body I a completely different manner, via energetic means rather than laboratory investigation.