Now that Fox Hollow Farm Naturally has revamped their delivery system to our clinic of local, grass-fed and pastured organic meat and eggs, you have NO EXCUSE for eating junky, overly-processed, nutrient-deprived meat from animals that had sad living conditions, were fed terrible diets and pumped with antibiotics and hormones. (The repercussions of this treatment get passed along to you, by the way, when consuming meat from these sick animals).

Fox Hollow Farm will now deliver preorders made on their website to our clinic on Thursdays, every week. You just have to place your order before Wednesday at 2:00pm, and they will deliver the entire order here, where we will keep it for you to pick up anytime the following week during our business hours. (For a reminder of our new office hours, see below).

It sounds pretty great to just pick up your customized meat order when you’re already stopping in for an appointment, right? Well, if you are still trying to decide WHY you want to eat delicious, healthy meat and eggs (OH the beautiful, rich-orange yolk of these wonderful eggs!!!), here are a few reasons why we support grass-fed and pastured organic meat and eggs:

• Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (the ANTI-Inflammatory kind!)
• Lower cholesterol
• Fewer toxins (because fed a healthy, natural diet, and not pumped full of hormones or antibiotics)
• Healthier guts (because of proper diet of grass) of animals means less infection of bacteria and parasites (just like gut health is important for humans to keep these things in check!). E. Coli is rampant in conventional grain-fed feedlots, for example.
• Higher in nutrients associated with less heart-disease and cancer
• More nutritious eggs (2x more omega-3 fatty acids; 3x more vitamin E; 7 times more beta carotene)
• Supporting practices that do not contribute to the growth and prevalence of “super bugs” (bacteria that are evolving to be resistant to antibiotics because of the over-use of antibiotics)

Place your order ANY Wednesday by the cut-off time to pick up your order the following week during business hours.