"The Hako-Med has had a significant impact on my quality of life. The pain from my PN is 75% less than it was prior to treatment, and in June I was able to dance the night away at my daughters wedding. I am truly grateful that I overcame my skepticism because I have complete faith that my life has been given back to me." -Beth, Current Patient

Being non-invasive and having no negative side-effects, this safe & effective revolutionary treatment enables one to experience relief from both acute and chronic pain like never before, especially in regards to the suffering that comes with diabetic neuropathy. It is the most sophisticated form of electrotherapy available.

Communication between the cells of the body happens in two ways: bio-chemically and bio-electrically. Bio-electric treatment is done by providing a sufficient level of energy with increasing and decreasing intensity to create an action potential in the cell, facilitating an action, or response. Alternatively, bio-chemical treatment is established by having a constant intensity delivered at higher frequencies, which does not produce action potentials in the cells, but instead triggers alternate mechanisms of action to obtain effects.

Though these mechanisms are different, they are collectively capable of positively affecting the body in areas of pain management, circulation and lymphatic function, edema, muscle relaxation and strengthening, metabolism, inflammation and immune function. With HAKO-MED Horizontal Therapy, an area can be treated with both the bio-electric and the bio-chemical components simultaneously, rendering more rapid and effective results. No other electrotherapy equipment is capable of this.

Examples of conditions and symptoms that can benefit from the HAKO-MED include, but are not limited to:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
Foot/Ankle Pain
Shoulder Pain
Post-Operative Pain
Complex Chronic Pain
Spastic Muscles
Poor/Reduced Range of Motion
Poor Circulation
Muscle Re-Education
Joint Swelling
Wrist/Hand Pain
Congested Lymph

It should be noted that the bio-electrical currents that are used in the HAKO-MED Therapy are entirely safe. They have been rigorously tested and have passed all standards required for biomedical device. The current is painless and in most cases is not even felt. The exceptions of use would include those with infections, pace makers, blood clots, cancers and those with abnormal cardiac rhythms.

The treatment session consists of a patient sitting or lying comfortably, while they read, relax or sleep. For most patients, noticeable change to their pain, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion and/or numbness starts to be experienced rather quickly, sometimes in just a handful of treatments.

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