One of the newest and most exciting topics of study in the natural medicine world today is something called Methyl Genetic Nutrition. It involves looking at a person’s genetics, or DNA, to see precisely where mutations, a.k.a. SNP’s or variants, may exist. Even though genetic variations exist in all individuals at some level, the nature of their impact can vary widely amongst individuals. Unless these variants are properly identified and supported, they most likely will negatively impact one’s ability to make and use different nutrients critical for processes such as reducing inflammation, improving circulation, promoting a strong and balanced immune system, supporting emotional and hormonal health, slowing the aging process and much more.

In order to gather this valuable information, we utilize 23andMe genetic testing. This is a very quick and easy saliva test that you order directly through 23andMe. Once you get your results, you simply email them to us for evaluation and interpretation. After we have your results, it can take up to two weeks until Dr. Siegel would be ready to consult with you and go over his findings. A consultation appointment would need to be scheduled with Dr. Siegel, and that visit is $200.

Through this form of testing, we are able to better understand and treat patients’ health challenges. It provides us with information that allows enhanced targeting, customizing and prioritizing of nutritional supplementation. This then provides greater efficiency in helping the body’s ability to protect, repair and rebuild itself.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring this exciting area of medicine further, please contact our office at 614-431-0555.

If you've already talked with Dr. Siegel and completed the test, and you need directions on how to submit your results to us, click here.