Neuropathy Recovery Program

No Drugs. No Surgery.

Improve your Neuropathy by 80% in less than 90 days!

Our Neuropathy Recovery Program addresses nerve damage commonly seen in those suffering with Diabetes, and is sometimes also termed "Peripheral Neuropathy". Neuropathy is characterized by a group of symptoms occurring in the feet, legs and/or hands such as constant tingling, pins and needles, loss of feeling, chronic pain, burning sensations, shooting pains and extreme sensitivity. These symptoms can lead to an inability to participate in your favorite activities that require you to be on your feet, poor sleep quality due to constant pain, balance issues and an increased risk of falls.

Our comprehensive Neuropathy Recovery Program is extremely successful in the improvement of this debilitating condition, WITHOUT the use of drugs or surgery. We customize each patient’s Program by utilizing a three-prong assessment and treatment approach consisting of various Toxicology, Bio-Chemistry and Neurological methods.

An initial evaluation and set of extensive lab work will guide Dr. Siegel in designing an individualized treatment plan just for you. The Neuropathy Recovery Program combines a customized selection of the following therapies:

Toxicology: Environmental toxicity (i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, etc.) and infectious agents (i.e. parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.) can wreak havoc on the entire body, including the nerves. FCT is a procedure that allows Dr. Siegel to effectively find and treat these toxicities in the body that can be primary contributors to Neuropathy and overall health struggles. This is a very specialized, targeted, safe and effective method that you cannot find anywhere else in the central Ohio area, and is a central part of the great success we have in helping Neuropathy at BioHealth.

Nutritional Consultations: Dr. Siegel will provide nutritional guidance for the duration of your Neuropathy Recovery Program. These appointments will be focused on implementing sustainable dietary changes and nutritional supplementation that will significantly enhance your Neuropathy Recovery. Examples of areas of focus are blood sugar control, inflammation reduction and appetite/craving control. All nutritional supplementation and dietary suggestions are customized to your individual needs based on lab results, food sensitivity testing and detailed consultations with Dr. Siegel. Please know that this aspect of our Neuropathy Program requires patient participation and compliance, and an unwillingness to comply will result in disqualification from our program.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF): Every cell in the human body is essentially a battery that carries an electrical charge, which is what allows it to function. As with any battery, if the charge is low, then function and performance are also inherently low. PEMF therapy (sometimes referred to as “cellular exercise”) can help to “recharge” your cells, thus aiding the body’s natural healing process. This increased healing applies to all tissues of the body, but of particular importance in the Neuropathy Recovery Program is the effect of PEMF on the nerve tissue.

Low Level Laser Therapy: Low Level Laser (also known as "cold laser") is a very effective tool used in our treatment approach to Neuropathy and will be part of your home exercises. It provides safe and effective treatment for neuropathy by painlessly penetrating the skin and providing improvement of the microcirculation, reducing inflammation, increasing the oxygenation of the tissues and enhancing ATP production inside the cells. This combination of benefits provides a great environment for healing and repair.

At BioHealth Wellness Center, our team is dedicated to helping you regain your health. To learn more about our Neuropathy Recovery Program and how it can transform your life, call us today to set up your no-charge consultation, 614-423-7753!

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