Chronic Pain Recovery Program

No Drugs. No Surgery.

Over 100 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain daily. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) states that almost 50% of Americans say that pain is part of life, with another 41% believing that pain is a normal part of the aging process.

This means there are millions of people who have unfortunately resigned themselves to thinking that pain is something you just have to live with. Other people feel more hopeful about relieving their chronic pain, but have yet to find effective enough treatment that helps them sustain a consistently pain-free life. Still others may believe pain medications and/or surgery are the only options for pain reduction. However, drugs and surgery have many potential side effects, and often leave people worse than where they started.

We are here to tell you that there is HOPE for a pain-free life, with natural, safe and highly-effective methods of chronic pain reduction, elimination and even prevention!

At BioHealth Wellness Center, we offer a safe, effective, non-drug and non-surgical approach to chronic pain. Our Chronic Pain Recovery Program consists of a unique approach which includes:

Evaluation: Dr. Siegel begins with a thorough examination which includes both Structural (bone, muscle and other soft tissue) AND Neurological components. Most treatment approaches are limited to a structural-only focus, and therefore offer limited and shorter-lived benefits. The inclusion of Neurological evaluation and treatment is a defining characteristic of our Chronic Pain Recovery Program that helps us achieve optimal results compared to other treatment approaches available.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF): Every cell in the human body is essentially a battery that carries an electrical charge, which is what allows it to function. As with any battery, if the charge is low, then function and performance are also inherently low. PEMF therapy (sometimes referred to as “cellular exercise”) can help to “recharge” your cells, thus aiding the body’s natural healing process. By recharging your cells, pain and inflammation are reduced, and tissue healing is increased. PEMF therapy has a cumulative effect on the body’s cells and tissues, providing the body the energy it needs to repair itself naturally, and to stay that way for longer. This is a critical piece of our Chronic Pain Recovery Program because of its ability to create an environment for sustained cellular improvement, which effectively keeps pain reduced, eliminated or even prevented.

Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy: Combining all known forms of electro-medical therapy, Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy is the most sophisticated electrical therapy available. It is safe and effective electrical stimulation that increases and accelerates tissue regeneration. With Hako-Med, an area can be treated with both the bio-electric and the bio-chemical components simultaneously, rendering more rapid and effective results. No other electrotherapy equipment is capable of this. It is used for acute and chronic pain including joint and muscle pain, and swelling and inflammation.

Cranial Low Force Technique (CLFT): CLFT is a system combining a precise, low-force cranial correction with a restoration of the strength and integrity of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system as a whole. It can “turn on” the neurological switch to reactivate muscles that have been dormant for long periods of time due to prior injury or chronic stress. Most patients are simply amazed at the difference they feel after one session.

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT): Rapid Release therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. RRT is the only targeted, high speed vibration therapy device in the world. Its high frequency waves trigger a neurological response known as the Tonic Vibration Response (TVR), which quickly relaxes tight muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Chronic Pain Recovery Program Success Stories