Health Enhancement Program - THYROID

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck. A well- functioning thyroid is crucial for optimal health since every cell of the body is influenced by thyroid hormones. Therefore, if one truly wants to effectively treat the thyroid, the body as a whole must be evaluated. One of the downfalls of the thyroid treatment by the conventional medical route is that the thyroid is thought of as a single organ and not as part of an entire interconnected system.

Since the thyroid affects all systems of the body, a wide variety of symptoms can be seen with sub-optimal thyroid function. A partial listing of these symptoms include: fatigue, dry skin, foggy thinking, anxiety/depression, hair loss, infertility, lack of focus, weight gain, lowered immune system and much more.

By the time many people find their way into BioHealth Wellness Center, they are overly frustrated with the fact that they have received little to no results, despite their exhaustive efforts within the conventional medical system. Some of the following experiences are what makes up, in part, many of these frustrations:

  • Being told their “thyroid is normal”, despite a continuation of symptoms
  • Being told it is all in their head and as a result, will often be put on anti-depressant medications anyway
  • Having incomplete and limited bloodwork performed (usually only TSH is tested – see more on blood work below)
  • Not feeling any better even after being put on thyroid medication, yet no additional assistance is offered up to investigate why they still don’t feel well
  • Being looked at in a limited manner with just a thyroid focus, rather than being evaluated in a more holistic way that can give greater insight as to what is robbing them of their health.

Our Health Enhancement Program for Thyroid is a safe, effective and non-drug approach that has been found to be successful for numerous issues surrounding the thyroid. Initially, Dr. Siegel will most likely order his own blood testing, even if you have had recent blood work done, due to the fact that the majority of traditional testing done for the thyroid is grossly inadequate and incomplete. Without extensive testing on the body as a whole, along with additional detailed focus on the thyroid, it becomes virtually impossible to obtain a good sense of why your health has declined.

After an initial examination, along with any required blood test evaluation, Dr. Siegel will recommend a customizable treatment plan that will best suit your individual health needs. The Health Enhancement Program for Thyroid combines a customized selection of different therapies.