Current Patients

Here you will find the various forms you may need to refer to for information, or forms you may need to have filled out prior to arrival of your scheduled appointment. You may click on any link below and it will download onto your computer for you to either view or print.

Rescue Vial Instructions: Remember that detoxification is not always a walk in the park. Be patient. It may take several weeks to notice any effects from each round of treatment. It can take several months to start seeing significant changes in your health since we are going after the deepest toxins first. It is normal to see a temporary increase in symptoms due to a healing response. This is a good sign - it is the body’s attempt to eliminate toxins. However, with this in mind, we have equipped you with a “Rescue” vial. Following your protocol, if you have increased, nagging symptoms, take the Rescue vial as follows:

  • Beginning at least one day after the completion of your protocol, take 5 drops of your Rescue vial, 3 times a day, for five days (or longer if needed).
  • If your increased symptoms have not started to diminish after five days, please contact the office to schedule a “Mini FCT” with Dr. Siegel, in which he can do a brief check on what the issue is, and provide an abbreviated protocol to offer relief. This is VERY RARELY needed, but it is available if ever you find yourself in a dire situation.